Rolf Nylinder

Rolf is the mastermind behind Frontside Fly and pretty much all of it’s projects. He’s spending alot of time behind his camera gear and thus don’t do alot of dry fly fishing anymore which is truly sad. That’s why I always try to snatch up the rare moments when he actually grabs a fly rod, finds a rising trout and tells about his feelings towards the situation. Sometimes the result can be pretty entertaining when he rallys of the little things that are going around in his brain.

Some quick facts about Rolf:
* Speaks 7 languages fluently (one example here: The Lost Story)
* He’s been one of Swedens best sailorboys
* Never takes a shower if he don’t need to and you can tell by the smell how many weeks it has been since the last time
* Drinks more 2.8 beer than water

In this short clip below you get to learn to know Rolf a little bit better than ever before. Enjoy the mastermind behind FsFly, Rolf Nylinder.