Three anglers in New Zealand

Some years ago we went to New Zealand for a trip of our lifetime. Everything was perfect in theory. We had lot´s of time, we were seven friends and we thought we had a pretty good idea of where to find some big trout. However, the plan didn’t work. Most if them failed due to the rain. The weather haunted us for five weeks and totally destroyed some of our big plans.

P1160860Gabbe’s plans didn’t work good either.

P1170476Rolf’s plans worked better.

P1210958Sjödén’s plans too.

P1160568Thanks to the lemmings we had some black gold on the trip.

One of my plans was to gather footage on all my friends since they’re some pretty strange and weird individuals. That plan didn’t work out either. Nevertheless, this is a video of three of them. If you watch it and feel it makes no sense you probably right. It doesn’t.
Make sure to activate subs if you’re not a Swede.