Somewhere in Slovenia

About two years ago we went to Slovenia. Ever since we have wanted to return, not just for the fantastic nature and the ridiculously clear rivers but also for the early season dodding.

DSC00207Clear water and weird pools, what more can one ask for? Photo: Emilie Björkman

However, the previously travelers were scattered. Mattson was focusing on some sort of career and I can’t really understand how one can put the career first and the dodding second. Patrik was busy distributing Klinkhammer hook 16 the Scandinavian anglers and Rolf, well.. he was hiding in in a shelter trying to get some footage of a strange bird.

P1000185This is what we came for.

That left me and Emilie and we quickly decided to travel south in early may for a couple of days of sight fishing. The first thing I realized when we arrived was that I had forgot the hot shoe adapter for the tripod which made it useless. So there we were, no stabilization for the camera and tough fishing conditions due to the weather.

P1020184Even if the conditions sucked, the fishing didn’t.

Anyhow, we managed to hook some trout with help from the best guide out there – Matt Calderano. If you’re ever in Slovenia, make sure to visit him.

I tried to make a story from the footage we got from the trip and it’s the first time ever that I have tried to narrate one. I also realize that 10 mins of footage might be a bit too long for your patience. However, I just wanted to give it a try so please have mercy on me trying.

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