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A few years ago Harald got a job, then he rented a lake. That lake is now becoming a quite cool place to fish if your down in the middle of Sweden were the trout lakes are more scattered. This was film a few weeks ago when the ice still were thick up here on 64  north .

Meanwhile behind the scenes

When we went to the Laivabäcken river earlier this year I didn’t care that much to gather footage since Rolf had his new bad ass camera and ran around like a little lemming high on too much coffee shooting rises and flying insects. Rolf was suppose to make a series of episodes from the epic fishing we found during the summer but as you might have seen, the footage was unfortunately lost forever.


Since we relayed on Rolf’s ability to gather footage we others didn’t put much effort into it. We just filmed some scenes but with no intention of making anything serious with it. Nevertheless, I had a quick look at the footage and realized it made no sense at all. However, when the footage make no sense at all one can always use the same old trick – find a happy song and put together a music video which makes no sense at all other than the fact that the song is really good, which makes the trick.


I decided to call it Meanwhile behind the scenes because it’s something in-between Meanwhile Upstream and Meanwhile downstream.

Thank’s to
Ulf at for the epic fishing.
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Lemmelkaffe at

The fat lady part II

We’re in New Zealand right now. It’s beautiful here but we’vre learned two things. To say god save the queen and that it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

bildHello New Zealand

The fat lady

I went fishing with two buddies to a new river last summer. We didn’t know anything about it but it looked good on the maps so we couldn’t hold ourselves to have a look. Before we arrived we said to each other that no matter what happens one thing is sure. It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

P1150703We’ve learned one thing. The longer the hike, the bigger the fish is.

P1150213So we prepared to have a look in the river when we finally arrived.

P1150393Luckily for us it looked awesome.

P1150361And Hans caught and relased a perfect trout in proper manners.

After a full day of fishing we arrived to a super sweet pool in the small river. We always take turns when we’re out dodding and if there was a trout in the pool it was Tobias who was about to take the challenge. Suddenly she appeared and breaked the surface. The fat lady. Tobias had a good feeling but his heart started pounding. Faster and faster and faster. He took upon a big fat smile and layed a smooth cast to her.

The fat lady – 2013 from Stefan Ågren on Vimeo.

Tobias forgot one thing. It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

My dearest darling

My dearest darling is a song made by the old soul queen Etta James. She’s sings about an old brown trout who haunts her dreams in a good way. Because she knows when she gets it, the world will bes a happy place to live in.

That’s kind of like we at frontsidefly are feeling right now. We know there are so many trout that needs our love and attention but the season has comed to an end. That’s when we dream ourselves to another world. A world full of beauty and joy.

P1040587This may be the definition of a world full of beauty and joy.

Ms James continues her lyrics by singing:

I pray your answer’s yes
I’ll make your life
Full of happiness

If you’re not a poetical kind of human beeing it translates to that she’s wants the trout to eat her dry fly.

P1040693Happiness by definition.

Furthermore Ms James sings:

Oh nothing, nothing, nothing in this world
Can keep us apart
Unh my dearest darling
I’m offering you my heart

We have been thinking about that line for some time now. We’re not really sure what she means but we guess it must be that she never ever will use a nymph. That would keep them apart yet instead she offers her heart. And that of course can only be one thing. Her money.

P1040606My dearest darling.

What we really like with Ms James’s song is this line:

Oh, yeah whenever you need me
I’ll..I’ll be there by your side
Oh I pledge my love to you
With God as our guide

That line made it all come so clear to us. The trout needs us. We need them, at our side. We will pledge our love, with the may fly god as our guide. So we simply had one thing left to do. Book a ticket to New Zealand yet once again. There’s only one problem with that mr trout – I’m offering you my heart.

This was some footage of fish in water. No more no less. Made with a pocket camera a few years ago.


The Board Meeting

A few days ago we installed some kind of program that shows how many visitors we have on frontsidefly. That led to a series of events.

We had a proper fsfly board meeting. I suited up and said something like; you have to stop posting pictures of me having a enormous “snus” under the lip, people are actually watching them.  I am smart enough to see how that can lead to nobody taking me seriously and in the long run it will probably leave me without a job and a girlfriend.  So that lead to change number one: Frontsidefly will stop posting pictures of people without make-up!

höstlövAs always, october is a month of depression, anxiety, beauty and change. Winter is coming. 

Stefan agreed on rule number one, and the board meeting continued. We both thought the web designer of frontsidefly was pretty lousy. Unfortunately I’m the webdesigner, so I had to make a change. We agreed on change number two: frontsidefly will be the fastest, smartest web based dry fly program in the world. Today we almost release frontsidefly v 2.0, things will probably not work….

We also agreed on change number three: If possible, always include Erik Spade in the videos. He is by far the most handsome of us and we know it feels damn good for our followers to watch him swing his rod and smile towards the camera.

renarThis is a still frame from a short film that will drop here soon, i think….

We agreed on a few more changes, but since we are quite inexperienced in board meetings we forgot to write them down. I think change number four had something to do with coffee. However, we also decided that we will make a full lenght movie that will be released this spring. We might call it “the last boss” or “Dod 2000”, we did not agree on the name. There will be more board meetings during the winter. //Rolf


Lemmelkaffe says: Try me!

Finally we got our hands on the first Lemmelkaffe packages. So the decision was easy. We went out to a river, made a fire and had a great time.

Olga and Fredrik was stoked to drink some Lemmelkaffe.

The stories was true. The coffee wasn’t just the best coffee ever, it also provided some super powers. Immediately after I finished my first cup the first rise came. That’s magic for sure.
Here’s a short video from the day.

The Daily Dry

The Daily Dry is back with more news. The newspaper is one of the most respected and is famous for it’s hard working journalists. In this issue we have Sir David Attenborough reporting on some epic news.

1 2013

Find out more about the coffee that will bring coffee back on the throne at the facebook page. Just after the release to the public the untrue and weird energy drinks will loose on the stock market. No sleep, just coffee. The most true way possible.

Lemmel kaffe & fsFly

If you ever spent some time on this site you’ve probably realised that we like coffee! Especially “kokkaffe” (field coffee). We got a strange call from a group of lemmings, that roast their coffe inside the arctic circle, they wanted me and Stefan to spread the word about their coffee. It’s actually more of a religion than a coffee brand.

Apparently they don’t like baristas & cows. Cows, because they produce milk, and milk should not be near coffee. Baristas, because they don’t know how to make coffee! The best coffee is made over a open fire in the wilderness, far from foam generating machines.

If you sympathize with their religion, give them a “like” on facebook!

I will follow the lemmings down to Munchen, ISPO 3-6 feb. It’s a outdoor/snowboarding tradeshow. Please come talk some fishing and drink coffee with me! /rolf