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Ep 3 – To Catch a Baltic Salmon

The third episode, “To catch a baltic salmon”, is of course about catching a baltic salmon. It’s starts deep in the Norwegian salmon fishing culture but leads us to the Swedish rivers. The Baltic sea is a dark chapter in the history of northern Europe, but the salmons that still are alive is maybe stronger than any other lifeform?
Perhaps my very good friend Erik Spade describes salmon fishing best. “I don’t know, I just don’t know! I just stand out there and hope!”


Ep2 – From The Beginning

I had a plan to make a plan for the summer. But, I was as always forced by the weather gods to follow their plan.
Last year was the warmest one ever on earth, but it was not the warmest spring ever in Västerbotten, the rivers were high almost the whole summer.
The second episode follows my friends in Fiskonbäcken, I hook the biggest trout in my life and watch the sickest midge hatch ever with Emil Westrin.

Filmed and edited by:

The Mountain Trout

They say you collect less memories if you bring a camera on a trip. So I’m not sure what really happened last summer. But I filmed a lot of things, and during some cold winter days I edited my video diary. Most of the days during the summer I make a fire and boil my coffee, so I decided to call this “the filed coffee diary”. It’s mostly about the nature in northern Sweden, the slow drift of a dry fly and and the giant baltic salmon.


The first episode follows my friends Erik, Mattias, Acapulco and the half-god, Patrik Daugaard on a fishing trip to a valley carved by the legendary mountain creek known as Fiskonbäcken.

Filmed and edited by Rolf Nylinder

Three anglers in New Zealand

Some years ago we went to New Zealand for a trip of our lifetime. Everything was perfect in theory. We had lot´s of time, we were seven friends and we thought we had a pretty good idea of where to find some big trout. However, the plan didn’t work. Most if them failed due to the rain. The weather haunted us for five weeks and totally destroyed some of our big plans.

P1160860Gabbe’s plans didn’t work good either.

P1170476Rolf’s plans worked better.

P1210958Sjödén’s plans too.

P1160568Thanks to the lemmings we had some black gold on the trip.

One of my plans was to gather footage on all my friends since they’re some pretty strange and weird individuals. That plan didn’t work out either. Nevertheless, this is a video of three of them. If you watch it and feel it makes no sense you probably right. It doesn’t.
Make sure to activate subs if you’re not a Swede.

Somewhere in Slovenia

About two years ago we went to Slovenia. Ever since we have wanted to return, not just for the fantastic nature and the ridiculously clear rivers but also for the early season dodding.

DSC00207Clear water and weird pools, what more can one ask for? Photo: Emilie Björkman

However, the previously travelers were scattered. Mattson was focusing on some sort of career and I can’t really understand how one can put the career first and the dodding second. Patrik was busy distributing Klinkhammer hook 16 the Scandinavian anglers and Rolf, well.. he was hiding in in a shelter trying to get some footage of a strange bird.

P1000185This is what we came for.

That left me and Emilie and we quickly decided to travel south in early may for a couple of days of sight fishing. The first thing I realized when we arrived was that I had forgot the hot shoe adapter for the tripod which made it useless. So there we were, no stabilization for the camera and tough fishing conditions due to the weather.

P1020184Even if the conditions sucked, the fishing didn’t.

Anyhow, we managed to hook some trout with help from the best guide out there – Matt Calderano. If you’re ever in Slovenia, make sure to visit him.

I tried to make a story from the footage we got from the trip and it’s the first time ever that I have tried to narrate one. I also realize that 10 mins of footage might be a bit too long for your patience. However, I just wanted to give it a try so please have mercy on me trying.

Thanks to:

Thumbs up for pike

There are several species that we target as anglers. For us, the surface feeding trout are the main target. Sometimes however, when the dodding season is over we search for other species. The northern pike is one of them. Thumps up for the pike.


Oh and also, here’s an older video we forgot to publish at out site.

Trout, give me some respect

We have all been there right? Those days or trips when you either scare all fish or loose them. This is a short video illustrating just those days.

P1270778Emilie hikes in to the river valley in Norway.

P1270839Waiting for the rise.

Thanks to and for help with gear.

Meanwhile Upstream – e01

In June I was visiting the river called “Laivabäcken”, together with Spade, Jonsson, Stefan and Hasse. I tried to do something with the footage, and here’s what I came up with.

I call the series “Meanwhile Upstream” for no particular reason except the well known fact that wherever you fishing it’s always better upstream!

Meanwhile Downstream – Ep 1 from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

In the end  there’s a text saying “episode two coming soon”, and ye, I’ll try to make the second episode soon I think. I always appreciate the feedback here.  I’m always happy to post something, thank you!

Shangri-La or Paradise?

As you probably have seen we went to New Zealand a few months ago. The purpose of the trip was to find untouched wilderness, crystal clear rivers and large trout. But as usual when we head somewhere, no matter if it’s in Sweden or the other side of the world the rain always follow us. I was there for seven weeks and five of those were spoiled with high and dirty rivers. However, that’s normal life for us and fortunately one trip was epic which pretty much was the rescuer for the whole stay. We found heaven, or as mr Mark Knopfler would have described it – Shangri-La.

bild 3Paradise?

bild 2Or is this paradise?

bild 1Rainbow paradise?

This is a short music-video-type of video I made for LOOP tackle for a sportfishing fair. My idea wasn’t to publish this one but instead try to edit a longer feature. However, the DoD season has started and it’s better to be out there fishing instead of sitting in front of the computer trying to make a video that would suck anyway. So here it is, the day we found paradise!

LOOP FSFLY – Shangri La from Stefan Ågren on Vimeo.