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Meanwhile downstream

Three weeks ago someone set fire to the house where me and my girlfriend were living. We both were lucky to get out through the balcony. But minutes later everything we owned was gone, and that includes all the footage I’ve filmed the last 10 years. I got out in my underwear, and that is all I own for now (my car broke down a week before the fire).

brandumea8-992-jpgI was living on the top floor. Later I found out that it’s possible to buy “fireproof hard drives”, damn…

As I’ve written earlier I spent the last year editing a full length fly fishing documentary. And the during the summer I’ve filmed the footage to make the series I called ”meanwhile upstream”. Since I’ve promised the frontsidefly visitors a film and a series, I’m sad to say that the plans have changed. I won’t release anything this fall. Unless I manage to find a camera and make something about pike fishing (which is the only fishing available here right now).

20140906_034616The picture is taken a few minutes after we climbed down from the balcony.

I’m happy to have the best friends and thankful for all the help I’ve got. The nice norwegians at VAK have started some kind of campaign to help me get new camera gear. I don’t expect anyone to help a stupid person who didn’t have the right kind of insurance. I’m not starving and there is millions of people around the world that deserve help way more than me. That said, I’m very thankful for their initiative and the potensial help.  And very bummed to have spent almost a year in front of a computerscreen for no reason.

Second Grace – A melancholy fishing story

This is sort of a sad and slow story about a river that used to have really large brown trout. People have spoken of big monsters sipping dry flies back in the days but sadly they’re now all gone. The evil lure fishing people have killed them all.

When the fishing isn’t as expected many fishermen goes insane and do stuff they normally don’t do.

This video is illustrating the normality of the sport for us. We often end up at beautiful spots but get dissapointed when others also have found them. When there are too many people, especially those worm fishing people, the trout tend to be rather small and few.

We thank Orvis for the help with gear and tripods.

If you want subs just enable them in the player.

The video is sort of a follow up on Rolf’s “Trout size matters” he did last year when me and Johan struggled at a nice little river.

Gustav full part fishing NZ

This is a tribute edit to my friend Gustav Hellström which I made to his PhD graduatiom dinner. He’s been studying social behaviour interactions of Eurasian perch which is a pretty nerdy thing to do. Gustav loves fly fishing for trout however and is a funny guy to hang out with.

Please remember that is all about doing very random things and edits. I just thought that there are some nice footage in this one for you to watch.
If you want subs just enable them in the player.

Gustav gives the epic streams of New Zealand thumbs up.

Protect our waters

The spawning season is almost as exciting as the actual dry fly fishing itself. The probability of spottning big brown trout is high. This is especially true in small streams either going out or in of big lakes where they can reach impressive sizes.

This particular stream has suffered from a high human impact during the last century. First, it was cleared out of large boulders, straightened and channelized in order to faciliate timber transport. Secondly, a dam was built at the outlet to store water and release it when the logns needed to be transported. In addition, a c. 2 kilometer long channel was digged with manpower work to be connected the nearby lake causing a complete dried out riverbed downstream. All these actions were made before trucks and railways were avaliable.

Luckily, the stream is now steadily coming back to the good old days. Biologists have for many years been actively been working to restore the faboulous spawning creek. Migration barriers have been remowed, restoration efforts have improved all types of habitats including the most important ones. The spawning habitats.

Several nerds from the FsFly-crew have of course been parts of the rewarding work. The spawners are coming larger for each year. Juvenile densities are increasing at an impressive level and the most happy surprise of it all. We have secretly altered the genes of the spawners. This will give the offspring a pretty sweet attribute. They will only feed on dry flies.

Rolf made a documentary about parts of the work a few years ago. It’s in swedish and we are to lazy to make subs. Have a look anyway. It’s well worth a watch!

Vindel River Life – öringlek och återställning from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

Bonefish Sunday

So, we have got some questions about why we aren’t posting anything. Frontsidefly is not an industrial company, we post random things at random occations. And to interrupt the dry fly fishers during the summer with internet activity would be insanely stupid!

Anyway, here’s our first contact with a bonefish ever! Is was a sunday, I spent my time together with a local called Ricky while Peter went fishing…

to be continued!

You’ll find more saltwater action from our trip over at this Norwegian magazine..