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Meanwhile downstream

Three weeks ago someone set fire to the house where me and my girlfriend were living. We both were lucky to get out through the balcony. But minutes Read More

Gustav full part fishing NZ

This is a tribute edit to my friend Gustav Hellström which I made to his PhD graduatiom dinner. He’s been studying social behaviour interactions of Eurasian perch which Read More

Protect our waters

The spawning season is almost as exciting as the actual dry fly fishing itself. The probability of spottning big brown trout is high. This is especially true in Read More

Only The River Knows

      Prepare with one box of “ettan lös”  and a huge cup of black coffee. Watch “Only The River Knows:   Read More

Bonefish Sunday

So, we have got some questions about why we aren’t posting anything. Frontsidefly is not an industrial company, we post random things at random occations. And to interrupt Read More