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Ep 3 – To Catch a Baltic Salmon

The third episode, “To catch a baltic salmon”, is of course about catching a baltic salmon. It’s starts deep in the Norwegian salmon fishing culture but leads us to the Swedish rivers. The Baltic sea is a dark chapter in the history of northern Europe, but the salmons that still are alive is maybe stronger than any other lifeform?
Perhaps my very good friend Erik Spade describes salmon fishing best. “I don’t know, I just don’t know! I just stand out there and hope!”


Ep2 – From The Beginning

I had a plan to make a plan for the summer. But, I was as always forced by the weather gods to follow their plan.
Last year was the warmest one ever on earth, but it was not the warmest spring ever in Västerbotten, the rivers were high almost the whole summer.
The second episode follows my friends in Fiskonbäcken, I hook the biggest trout in my life and watch the sickest midge hatch ever with Emil Westrin.

Filmed and edited by:

The Mountain Trout

They say you collect less memories if you bring a camera on a trip. So I’m not sure what really happened last summer. But I filmed a lot of things, and during some cold winter days I edited my video diary. Most of the days during the summer I make a fire and boil my coffee, so I decided to call this “the filed coffee diary”. It’s mostly about the nature in northern Sweden, the slow drift of a dry fly and and the giant baltic salmon.


The first episode follows my friends Erik, Mattias, Acapulco and the half-god, Patrik Daugaard on a fishing trip to a valley carved by the legendary mountain creek known as Fiskonbäcken.

Filmed and edited by Rolf Nylinder


A few years ago Harald got a job, then he rented a lake. That lake is now becoming a quite cool place to fish if your down in the middle of Sweden were the trout lakes are more scattered. This was film a few weeks ago when the ice still were thick up here on 64  north .

Meanwhile downstream

Three weeks ago someone set fire to the house where me and my girlfriend were living. We both were lucky to get out through the balcony. But minutes later everything we owned was gone, and that includes all the footage I’ve filmed the last 10 years. I got out in my underwear, and that is all I own for now (my car broke down a week before the fire).

brandumea8-992-jpgI was living on the top floor. Later I found out that it’s possible to buy “fireproof hard drives”, damn…

As I’ve written earlier I spent the last year editing a full length fly fishing documentary. And the during the summer I’ve filmed the footage to make the series I called ”meanwhile upstream”. Since I’ve promised the frontsidefly visitors a film and a series, I’m sad to say that the plans have changed. I won’t release anything this fall. Unless I manage to find a camera and make something about pike fishing (which is the only fishing available here right now).

20140906_034616The picture is taken a few minutes after we climbed down from the balcony.

I’m happy to have the best friends and thankful for all the help I’ve got. The nice norwegians at VAK have started some kind of campaign to help me get new camera gear. I don’t expect anyone to help a stupid person who didn’t have the right kind of insurance. I’m not starving and there is millions of people around the world that deserve help way more than me. That said, I’m very thankful for their initiative and the potensial help.  And very bummed to have spent almost a year in front of a computerscreen for no reason.

Meanwhile Upstream – e01

In June I was visiting the river called “Laivabäcken”, together with Spade, Jonsson, Stefan and Hasse. I tried to do something with the footage, and here’s what I came up with.

I call the series “Meanwhile Upstream” for no particular reason except the well known fact that wherever you fishing it’s always better upstream!

Meanwhile Downstream – Ep 1 from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

In the end  there’s a text saying “episode two coming soon”, and ye, I’ll try to make the second episode soon I think. I always appreciate the feedback here.  I’m always happy to post something, thank you!