Last summer we went up to the Scandis as usual, the mountain range where Sweden boarder to Norway and where most of the major rivers are born which Read More

Trekking for trout

We look to the nature for advice. This year we copied the life of the migrating birds. They leave northern sweden in the autumn to seek clear rivers and Read More

Get TR[out]

I am not sure what to call this edit, you might call it a season recap, or maybe just some random footage that ended up being an edit Read More

Dodding in Slovenia

As every dry fly fishmermen knows, the winter really, really sucks. Many fly fishermen, especially the dodding ones tend to go somewhat insane due to the lack of Read More

The fat lady part II

We’re in New Zealand right now. It’s beautiful here but we’vre learned two things. To say god save the queen and that it’s not over until the fat Read More

a thousand theories

In late august this year I travelled to Finnmark, the far north of scandinavia. The idea was to catch my first proper salmon. Now, if you follow Frontsidefly, Read More